• China is taking centre stage in global affairs. It’s reaching out to all four corners of the world, commercially, politically, and culturally. The stakes have never been higher and everyone is keen to get a slice of the pie. This is why more and more foreigners are learning Chinese.
  • HSK is the most prestigious and well-known Mandarin Chinese certificate for foreigners. Those holding an HSK qualification are regarded by reputed organisations within China and overseas as invaluable assets to their ventures. Adding an HSK qualification to your resume can open so many new doors for your career and put you miles ahead in your field.
  • Coming to China and not being able to utter a word of Chinese is just the worst. You’re liable to be left feeling dumb and deaf, like everyone’s keeping secrets from you. Perhaps the Chinese you learnt at school was too textbook-focused, lacking that linguistic immersion so vital to basic human interaction.
  • Our part-time specialised courses are field-oriented programs for professionals already working in Beijing needing an extra boost in the workplace. With more and more foreigners working alongside Chinese colleagues, many are keen to avoid misunderstandings at the office. Technical terminology and business insight give you that extra edge too – advancing your career in this economic powerhouse to an impressive level.
  • A vibrant cocktail of traditional cultural activities, Zhixue’s part-time Culture program will show you China as you’ve never seen it before. We organize one-to-one or small group classes with specialist teachers, which may take place in our school or a variety of locations. These are some of the enrichment activities you’ll be enjoying:
  • To study, or to travel? To travel, or to study? For many foreigners coming to China, this is an age-old dilemma, which plays itself over and over. While travelling is an exciting adventure, it can be somewhat tricky when you can’t communicate with the people you meet. Similarly, studying means you spend a lot of time indoors in the same city, wondering what it’s like deeper in the heart of China.
Tintin is the Director of Education in MandarinPro. He graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University, he used to conduct research in collaboration with Dr. Lü Bisong, former president of BLCU and a professor with over 50 years teaching experience, to advance Combinative Chinese Theory. He is the chief editor of MandarinPro Zero to One. Aside from teaching students, he is also the main designer of MandarinPro courses.
Teacher Zhang majored in Chinese International Education at Hebei University. Her working experiences have been: teaching Chinese in a high school, and helping them improve it more. If they are correct in answering questions, she feels very proud of them, and knows they have been learning well. Helping students with their pronunciation is her teaching advantage. In her spare time, she likes to do traditional Chinese painting, and play the guzheng (Chinese zither).
Teacher Zheng majored in Finance at Central University of Finance and Economics. She has many working experiences. For example, she has taught a junior mandarin teaching class at Tsinghua University. Also, she is good at helping students with their Chinese, and guiding them through their journey to taking the HSK. Listening to music, and travelling, are some of her hobbies.